Maintenance walking shoes

If you spend enough time to maintain your shoes, it takes little effort, and then you stay pleasant for a walk and they continue to look good. Take your walking shoes always clean and dry thoroughly before using special cleaning agents. Here are some tips.

  • Clean your shoes: never use hot water.
  • The best: you can start working with water to remove the worst of mud and dirt with a soft brush.
  • To let your shoes dry faster, you can remove the insoles in the shoe and do some crumpled newspaper into the shoes.
  • Do not dry your shoes by heating because it is bad for the leather.
  • Lubricate the leather of your shoes regularly with leather grease so that the leather is so smooth and water resistant, and you remain pleasant for a walk.
  • To make the boots waterproof at the seams, you can use a sealer.
  • Be careful with waterproofing your shoes, your shoes should finally breathe properly.
  • Always store your shoes in a dry place.

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