How do you maintain your walking shoes (Part1)

Your walking shoes need to be properly maintained but why? What maintenance products do you need for walking shoes? How should you treat walking shoes? On this page you will find all the information regarding the care of your shoes and find answers to your questions about maintenance.

We have lots of information about maintaining walking shoes:

  • Why is walking shoes maintainance committed?
  • How to perform maintenance?
  • Cleaning and drying
  • Impregnation walking shoes
  • When and how often maintenance?
  • Impregnation and treat? How can you do that!
  • Insoles replaced
  • Repair & Retreading
  • Shoelaces

1. Why do you keep your old walking shoes? And why is walking shoes maintainance committed?

Why do you keep old walking shoes? Because they are made from fine materials and technique? Why we have to maintainance it

There are two very important reasons:

Extending the life

To Increase the comfort and breathability. Walking shoes usually are not cheap and are long lasting precisely because these shoes are built to last, therefore maintenance is important. With a normal shoe you can “kicks off”, of course it means that you do not maintain but you throw them away anyway, in a few months. But walking shoes are different, depending on the use, will last for years. The leather is then absolutely maintenance free!

You can also find hiking in a lot of technical materials such as Gore-Tex.

This kind of engineering materials function best when the shoe is properly maintained. A wet shoe breathes 40% less than a dry shoe. It is therefore important that you upper impregnates as well as possible in order to retain as much as possible breathability. But beware with the right tools!

2. What should you do to maintenance mountain and walking shoes?

The maintenance of (partially) leather walking shoes is necessary for prolonging the life and maintaining comfort. Besides the above work, you also need the stitching, soles, laces and insoles properly monitor and if necessary repaired or replaced.

Maintenance of shoes is composed of:

  • Cleaning & Drying
  • Leather with nutrients – impregnation
  • Insole replacement
  • Repairs stitching / resole
  • Laces replaced

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