How do you maintain your walking shoe? (Part 3)

6. Your shoes is impregnated and treated? How you do that!

When using Nikwax we advise you to proceed as follows:

  • Take your shoes clean with quite a wet cloth to leather and / or plastics that are well moistened. A wet shoe can be better washed by the Nikwax
  • Bring the liquid Nikwax on the shoe and rub it in well
  • Remove the excess Nikwax which is not included to avoid stains
  • After drying the shoe, the shoe will be placed at room temperature within two hours of dry weather
  • In case of a new shoe, repeat steps 1/4 twice more so that the doctrine of the impregnation is completely saturated. So you get the best results!

Tip: Are your shoes a bit older and you can not get them clean? First use Nikwax Cleaning Gel before it gets impregnation. Nikwax footwear Cleaning Gel cleanses goes deep into the pores and remove all of the dirt and grease from there. The advantage is that your shoes again to breathe well and get better impregnation.

Now your shoes are ready to use again. If you walk in the rain, you will notice that the water is very good for the shoe apparel. The upper can hardly absorb moisture making your shoes breathe much better and also have your shoes have very good appearance.

7. Replace the insoles

In every mountain you find a loose shoe insole. This insole creates the footbed and a little extra cushioning. The standard insole is made of a kind of pressed cardboard and becomes hard, dirty, and loses its damping after some time. For comfort, hygiene and support is important to replace your insoles in time. A specialist will always have stocked loose insoles.

8. Repairs stitching & resole

While using not only your walking shoes wear out also the sewing. A good shoemaker can have your old shoes often amends. Note that this takes time. Going on vacation and you want to take your walking shoes with? Bring them on time to the shoemaker.

Do you shoes have worn out soles? Some walking shoes can be re-heeled but not all of them. If you do not know for sure just ask the store where you bought your shoes or the supplier.

Please note that because it must be highly paid, not to always let the walking shoes re-heeled. Sometimes, the above work is not good enough anymore and moreover resole is not cheap.

9. Laces

Regularly check your shoe laces. Replace it if necessary. Often shoelaces is broken because of a small hole is an eyelet. File this hole carefully. Eyelets rust will be generally not so fast. However, if the walking shoes is often used in the sea, it may rust or eyelets will wear out. In that case, you can sand these eyes with a fine sandpaper, and then coat them with a layer of grease or Vaseline.

Get all our tips? Keep them in mind and apply them in maintenance your walking shoes [How do you maintain your walking shoes (Part1)].


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