How to choose walking shoes

To be able to have fun walking without foot problems and other injuries pedestrian, appropriate walking shoes are required. The suitability is not only dependent on the type of foot, running style, and weight of the walker, but is also dependent on the area which is going to be walked. For a walk in the mountains, walking shoes have different requirement than in a slightly undulating terrain. On rough or slippery surfaces the sole must have sufficient profile. These are the tips for you to choose a suitable walking shoe [ Running shoes vs walking shoes in four-day march and how to choose].

Determine shoe size

  • First, do not go in the morning to buy shoes because your feet expand gradually in the course of the day.
  • Adjust your walking with the hiking socks you will wear during your walks.
  • A shoe should not be too large (sliding of the feet) but not too tight (tight feet).
  • The distance between your big toe and the shoe tip should definitely remain one cm. This space can best determine by removing the insole of the shoe and to step on it.
  • Also determine your shoe size you make sure that the heel counter provides sufficient support.
  • It is also important that you feel no pressure points. These pressure points are mainly found at the small toe, on both sides of the foot at the height of the ball, on the instep and at the heel. These problems can be partially solved by another insole, however, it is better to take a different shoe.

Types of walking shoes

Hiking boots are divided into four categories: A (normal flexible walking shoe) to D (shoe in the high mountains). In some brands are also type, which is mixed by two types, are available, such as A / B and B / C.

Type A: Smooth low or medium-high hiking shoe

These shoes are suitable for walking on forest roads and slightly undulating terrain. Because this type of shoe is light and flexible, they are perfect for a day walk and usually best walking shoes for women.

Type B: Trekking Shoes

This type of walking shoes will be found most often in the outdoor shop. They are often just as smooth as the previous type, but are much sturdier and thus give more support. These shoes can be used well in rough areas and mountainous terrain. Many of these shoes are watertight in that they make use of a Gore-Tex layer.

Type C: Heavy trekking shoes

If you want to go into the high mountain hiking, you will need this type of walking shoes in general. This shoe has a stiffer and rougher sole. This also provides the ankles more support. With these shoes you can make tough hiking in the mountains with a heavy backpack through rocky and rugged terrain.

Type D: Alpine shoes

This type of shoe is used for shorter climb through the mountains. The sole is very stiff which makes this type of shoe not suitable for long walks. These shoes frequently have a solid plate in the sole for the mounting of crampons. This shoe is mainly used by rock climbers and as best walking shoes for men.

Walking Socks

By wearing special hiking socks (good brands are Falke and X-Socks), the moisture is drained off. It can also prevent blisters. Make sure when the purchase of socks especially in that they are seamless. Often hiking socks are available in various thicknesses: in winter, use the thicker ones to retain heat better. The more expensive heel and toe socks are equipped with a left and right mark.

Buy walking shoes

First determine on which area you are going to use the walking shoes. A walk in the mountains requires different walking shoes than in a slightly undulating terrain. On rough or slippery surfaces the sole must have sufficient profile. Here each tips (in random order).

  • Take your old walking shoes to the shoes seller. On the basis of the sole and the shape of the shoe (tilt) the seller will give you advice.
  • Try different brands of walking shoes. Each shoe brand has different characteristics.
  • Customize your shoes with hiking socks that you are walking.
  • Walking shoes may not be too wide.
  • Buy your shoes are not in the morning. Your feet expand in the course of the day bit.
  • When you walk a lot in the fall and winter it is wise to buy shoes that are waterproof and breathable.

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