Tips for buying walking shoes

If you go for a walk, good walking shoes are very important. A walking shoe that is bad can bring a lot of pain and can disturb your walk. Walking shoes should always be well fit your feet.

To find out which shoes are appropriate for you, you can try on the shoes! Because by that you can only determine whether the walking shoes are really nice or not. The shoes should be worn for several days at home. Then you can make a good estimate whether the shoes are suitable for your feet or not.

How do you choose the right walking shoe?

Choosing a walking shoe is always a personal matter which involves previous experiences, your running style and the terrain you are going to use the shoes.

There are also a number of other important aspects which are very important when buying a hiking or walking shoes. Remember that the perfect walking shoe does not exist. You have different types of walking shoes which we will describe below. Each type has its own function.

Light hiking boots (also called walking shoes in Class A)

This is usually a shoe with a low purchased. The sole is sturdier than, for example, the sole of a running shoe. Also there is more tread on the soles of these shoes which makes it suitable for use on both flat paved and unpaved paths.

If you are considering to buy low walking shoes then it is good one to pay attention to because of the stiffness of the sole. Like many support it get quickly tired feet? Choose a walking shoe with a stiffer sole.

Walking shoes made of leather often give more support than the synthetic versions. These are generally called again lighter. For very uneven or rough terrain, these shoes are less suitable. They are called class A shoes because they offer too little support to ankle and foot.

Middleweight boots (shoes Class B)

These shoes are very popular among walkers who like to make long trips on flat or hilly terrain. These shoes give more support than Class A walking shoes and also have a stiffer sole. You walk only on paved paths and without luggage? Then you can still choose a low walking shoe.

Heavy shoes (shoes Class C)

The class C heavy walking shoes are shoes made of stiff leather with extra reinforced toe and sole. These shoes give much support to both ankles and soles of your feet. They are often waterproof and built to last long. You see remarkably number of people who walk heavy Class C shoes as mountaineering shoes.

Each walk his own shoe

It almost seems that many people think that a heavy and stiff mountaineering shoe is better than the lighter, better cushioned Class A walking shoes. However this is a misconception. If you go with a heavy backpack in the mountains, then these class A walking shoes are definitely for you!

Use the shoes for long trips on flat ground? Opt for a low walking shoe, you will have a lot more fun. These shoes give a lot more comfortable on paved roads and paths which are kinder to your knees and costs much less energy because they are a lot lighter!


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